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Grand Bouche

Grande BoucheBased on the instruments of the 1930’s. This model provides all the warmth needed to reproduce the sound of the earliest Django recordings. The original guitars were made under the supervision of Mario Maccaferri, which featured some rather unusual construction techniques. The tops are steam bent into their very pronounced dome. There is a fold, or crease just behind the bridge which allows the down bearing pressure of the strings to effect the top something like the bridge of a banjo, which was the first instrument that Django Reinhardt exhibited his virtuoso skills before his accident.

The original Maccaferri Grande Bouche models featured a wooden resonator behind the soundhole. This is available as an option on Collins Grande Bouche models. Grande Bouche models were traditionally built with the short (640 mm) scale necks joined at the 12th fret. However, the longer scale (670 mm) neck joined at the 14th fret is an option

Grande Bouche Specs