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16″ L5 Archtop Professional Building Form

16" L5 Archtop Professional Building Form

A professional guitar making mold.


Unique construction make this form extremely sturdy yet light (only 6 lbs.). Made from 3/4″┬ábaltic birch plywood it will withstand years of use. The center line integrated clamp system helps keep the mold together while resisting the forces placed on the mold when using spreaders and also allows unfettered access while gluing the neck block and tail block. It also comes apart quickly with an allen wrench.



The design of this mold allows easy clamping to a bench while keeping the clamps out of the way for doing jobs such as installing the interior linings.

A cutaway attachment is also available for this mold.

Shipping is included in the contiguous United States. An additional fee will apply to orders outside of that area.

Please note: Other forms are also available and even custom forms are possible. Contact me for more information:

Detail Name 1:
Overall Size: 24 x 20 Lower bout 16″ Waist- 9-1/4″ Upper bout- 11-1/8″ Body length 20″ Mold height 2-1/8″